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Zoology 206

Fall, 2012




A. R. Wallace in 1869

The extent to which credit for the theory of evolution by natural selection should be afforded to Charles Darwin, Alfred Russell Wallace, or both, has long been a subject of debate among historians of scientists. I debated how to incorporate Wallace into this site, but ultimately I decided to afford him equal treatment with Darwin, that is to give him a menu item of his own, so that the reader can come to her or his own conclusion. Below are links to a variety of materials; for a nice overview of the man, his work, and writings about him, click here.

  • Darwin and Wallace, 1858
    Original publication of the theory of evolution by natural selection, jointly contributed by Darwin and Wallace and predating “The Origin” by a year
  • On the Law Which Has Regulated the Introduction of New Species
    Remarkable paper presenting the so-called “Sarawack Law” – early insight into biogeographical processes
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